Currently working for Google, Tesco, Accenture, Time Inc, Yahoo!, HCL

Architect for large, highly scalable applications and Technical Manager with special focus on metrics based continuous improvement of teams and products. Rajat has more than a decade of experience of a very wide range of skills related to infrastructure, middleware, app servers all the way to front-end technologies and software development methodologies including agile, iterative waterfall, waterfall as well as ah-hoc startup using the right approach in the right context to reduce time to market.

He has a passion for delivering engaging, connected consumer experiences and creating, managing and leading highly functional development teams that deliver business value with technology.


  • Implementation of Devops in the Enterprise
  • Continuous Delivery Implementation for both Mobile and Web Applications
  • Full Stack development
  • E-commerce platforms ATG, Sterling OMS
  • Cloud Infrastructure Architecture
  • Project Management, Agile, XP, TDD