Delivering Technical Pitches

Delivering Technical Pitches

I have worked now in software engineering for about two decades. During my time, often I would come across ideas that could be game-changing for the business or a new approach. Doing anything significant required buy-in from a wider set of stakeholders. I have had a fair share of success and failures to make them happen.

In my current role in the cloud pre-sales, part of the job is to present a technical point of view. These differ based on the audience - their areas of concern and focus. Over the years I have come across some brilliant presentations and some not too good ones. I often wondered if there was some value in curating these patterns.

This eBook is an attempt to capture those ideas and share them with pre-sales, consultants. The hope is that it will help the readers build confidence. Help them sharpen their narrative as they prepare for the next big pitch.

As you read the posts and come up with ideas or thoughts, leave them as comments below. If you prefer to contribute to the content, submit a pull request with your ideas as well.

Disclaimer: This eBook is based on the experiences and views of mine and the contributors. The content does not represent views of my employeers past or present.

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