Opening Your Presentation

Delivering Technical pitches

Is this a recap?

Is this a follow-up conversation, especially with the same audience? If yes, start with the achievements. Start with a crisp summary what who you have met so far, what did you learn and what were the outcomes.

This helps level set, refresh memory and show progress. Your audience gets a sense of the work done so far, builds on the trust. This will reassure them that the engagement has been worthwhile

Establish Value delivered so far

Have you done a proof of concept already? Did you run a discovery workshop to collect requirements? Did you understand the pain points of the stakeholders? Summarise that upfront. This will help establish that the time invested in this meeting is going to be meaningful.

What will you do for me today?

Most people working remoting are jumping from one meeting to another. They need to be clear about what they are getting into upfront. Set the expectations at the start. In the next x mins, I am going to show you how can reduce your cost of new customer acquisition. Here is why you need to hear why - we are more accurate/faster/insert-you-differentiator.

What are your credentials?

Credibility upfront helps gain and keep attention. Speak about customers where you have done this before - tell them the story of their journey. Speak about how you are uniquely qualified to the perfect choice for this problem. Find those data points and bring them out upfront to keep your audience engaged.

Photo by Headway, on Unsplash