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Part I - Why do large enterprises need a Chief AI Officer?

Having spoken to a lot of organisations keen on adopting AI at scale - the pattern for systems eventually breaking down is consistent. In this post I make a case for a role of a Chief AI Officer and also talk about how they can be most effective.

Enterprise Knowledge Management v2

With the rise of large language models there is an opportunity to re-visit how we think about them. Having said that taking a general purpose LLM to a domain specific enterprise KM tool can be several different paths. This post covers the various options and some ideas to think about what else needs to be done to prepare.

Emerging Tech Projects - Avoid these common pitfalls.

Some ideas on what to watchout for enterprise when starting new projects using emerging technology. This post talks about aspects of scoping, ownership and technology changes. Most of it is obvious but less commonly followed

How to coach a manager?

While everyone could always do with some coaching - specifically for managers - effective coaching has a multiplier effect. Having done this for a while - here are some thoughts that have worked for me - or didn't :)

So you are a manager's manager?

As your roles change - how you deliver value also changes. Sometimes in unfamiliar ways and that takes intentionality to realign. This post covers some ideas and lessons learnt along the way

Scaling AI Adoption in your org

Organisations that adopt AI display unique traits. Lacking in these traits diminish prospects of wide scale adoption. Ever wondered why the amazing demo you saw 3months back still isn't in front of of your customers? Here are some thoughts on the common traits that I get to see where this actually does work very well.

Persuasion and Influence - not quite the same

Making a point and getting your audience to take an action in a short duration of time requires persuasive skills. Here are some thoughts when you are working against time - and worse off when you are trying to do though a video call.

CFOs - Join the cloud adoption journey

Thoughts on engaging the finance teams just as much as the IT teams to execute on the cloud strategy

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