First post (again)

A lot has changed over the last few years for me professionally (and personally). Having moved roles, countries and two kids changes a lot. I have had very little time for hands on learning as I mostly have been working as a coach, mentoring teams and playing with technology that interests me instead of a specific roadmap.

This was the plan up-until now anyway. For 2019 the plan is to go back into active hands-on learning and I plan on using this blog to document the thoughts and learnings in the process.

Also the choice of moving from wordpress to jekyll was an interesting one. I pretty much spend most of time my time in code editors or on a terminal window. Moving envs, just to document some thoughts felt like too much effort. Having blogging as part of my development workflow feels more natural and something I genuinely can keep up with along with my day to day activities. There are still some gaps in the workflow as I am discovering as I go along but I am sure I will iron them out and perhaps a blog post around the learnings from the transition is also eminent.